Curriculum Vitae

As a testament to my diverse skill set and experience, this document serves as a compilation of my notable accomplishments and projects. Spanning various domains, it reflects my proficiency in game development, modding, server infrastructure, design, and website management. With a proactive approach to learning and adapting, I have continuously expanded my knowledge base and applied newfound skills effectively. The versatility demonstrated in this CV showcases my ability to tackle complex projects and embrace new challenges. This document is available in both English and German, underscoring my linguistic capabilities and adaptability to different contexts.

Please note that the complete list of projects and detailed information can be provided upon request.

Autobahn Raser Reborn

Nov 2023 – May 2023

General Honing of skills

Mar 2022 – Nov 2022

Super Mario Papercraft

Mar 2022

Untitled Shooter Game

Aug 2021 – Feb 2022


May 2021

Modding Adventures

Nov 2018 – Apr 2021

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