Payday 2: Hidden Vault

After four months of intense work, I proudly present to you my very first heist! Prepare for an immersive experience filled with thrilling challenges and hidden secrets. Take on the DS, conquer all loot, face the loud challenge (including the secret), and earn your place on the blackboard (video proof required, of course).

Special thanks to:

– Rex, MiamiCenter, and soosh.exe
for their valuable assistance.
– ViciousWalrus and Nepgearsy
whose remarkable heists served as a reference for inspiration.
– Ripp
the first alpha tester, for providing early feedback.
– Phil_
for lending their incredible voice talents to the chameleon character.
– Translation credits
Italian Akinari / Spanish JavierMelon / Russian Asterion

Immerse yourself in the heist with an incredible soundtrack featuring:

  • Enemy by Blue_Stahli
  • Eye of the Storm by DANCE WITH THE DEAD.